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Empowering Young Minds Through Integrated Play Therapy

At Shine Through Supports, we blend expertise from education, therapy and parenting to offer a unique and comprehensive approach to Play Therapy. Play Therapy is designed for children aged 3 to 12 years, helping them use play to address any social emotional or behavioural concerns.


Our Services

We offer a range of therapeutic services tailored to support the emotional and developmental needs of children and their families

Play Therapy

One to one sessions for 3-12 year olds offering a therapeutic space of Integrated Holistic Play therapy.

Parent Support

Stand alone parent consultations to gain insight and clarity, sometimes that's all that is needed.

Sand Play Therapy

A specialised therapeutic approach using non verbal play and symbols to reveal the unconscious mind.

Creative Clinical Supervision

A supportive space for other play therapists to fulfil their supervision requirements through a creative approach.

About Us

Enabling Brighter Futures

Located in the heart of Kildare, Shine Through Supports is a leading Play Therapy centre committed to providing a safe, positive, nurturing and confidential environment where children can express themselves through play.

At the core of our practice is a unique blend of expertise in education, therapy, and parenting. This blend of perspectives enables us to offer a deeply empathetic, insightful, and effective approach towards helping children.

Our therapists, Susanne Martin, Karla Hannigan and Anna McGrath, bring decades of combined experience in education and play therapy to their roles.

What is Play Therapy?

Unlocking Emotional Expression Through Play

Play Therapy is a powerful approach that utilises play, a child’s natural medium of expression, to help them express their feelings, resolve conflicts, and gain deeper insights into their experiences.

It is particularly effective for children aged 3 to 12, offering a safe environment where they can explore and express their thoughts and emotions.

Why Choose
Shine Through Supports

Our Unique Blend of Expertise

Our therapists bring a blend of experience in parenting, education and play therapy. This expertise allows us to approach each child’s challenges with a perspective that promotes deeper understanding and more effective solutions.

A Safe and Nurturing Environment

Our facilities in Kildare Town are designed to be a safe haven where children can feel secure, respected and free to explore their emotions and thoughts through play.

Family and School Involvement

We work closely with families, teachers and schools, providing them with the tools and strategies to support each child’s development and emotional wellness.

Ready to Take the First Step?

Schedule a consultation with one of our expert therapists today and take the first step towards a brighter, happier future for your child.