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Anna McGrath

Accredited Play Therapist

Meet Anna

Anna McGrath is an Accredited Play therapist, trainee Clinical Supervisor, a primary school teacher and a mum. She brings this wealth of experience and understanding into her daily work with children, families and schools. She has had the privilege of working with children for over 28 years.

Through this broad range of experience, Anna has gained insights into all the aspects of a child’s life.

As a mum herself she understands how parents can feel ill equipped sometimes and so she offers parent consultations to support, reflect and provide insight for parents on what may be happening for their child.

Her teaching experience gives her a basis of understanding and perspective as she supports school staff groups through workshops and talks.

In her work as a play therapist she provides a safe and confidential space where she supports the child one to one, delving deep into their world, unravelling concerns with them at their own pace through play.

Anna has completed her training to be a Creative Clinical Supervisor to other play therapists and is awaiting her certification. Clinical supervision is essential on a monthly basis for all play therapists, both pre and post qualification, ensuring they are best meeting the needs of their clients. Anna supports other play therapists in this way.

Her training has included 4 years of clinical, research and academic work to achieve full accreditation as a play therapist.

This core training has been further enhanced with a range of learning including ‘Evolution of a Trauma informed Educator’ training with Judy Norman of the Synergetic Education Institute, ‘Synergetic Play therapy’ training with Lisa Dion, ‘Baby bonding’ and ‘Parent and Child Attachment’ with Clear Skies UK, ‘Parents as Partners’ with Paris Goodyear Brown and ‘Autplay’ training with Dr Robert Jason Grant on play therapy interventions to address the needs of neurodivergent children.

Anna maintains professional membership with Play Therapy Ireland which is affiliated with Play Therapy International and is a member of the Irish Play Therapy Community Association.

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