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What is Play Therapy?

Harnessing the
Power of Play

The Origins of Play Therapy

At Shine Through Supports, we utilise Play Therapy as a dynamic and effective approach to help children express themselves and foster overall emotional growth. This specialised form of therapy uses play, which is fundamental to a child’s way of learning and communicating.

Understanding Play Therapy

Play Therapy originated in the early 20th century as therapists began using play to understand children’s emotions and thoughts. Initially, it was a method for therapists to observe how children expressed themselves through play, which was seen as their natural language.

Who Can Benefit from Play Therapy?

Play Therapy is an inclusive therapeutic approach beneficial for children from all backgrounds and with a wide range of emotional, social, and behavioural concerns.

Children with Emotional Struggles

Developmental and Social Issues

Academic and School Concerns

Behavioural Challenges

Family Changes

Traumatic Experiences

Benefits of Play Therapy

Play Therapy as a therapeutic technique offers numerous advantages, making it a powerful tool in child development and emotional well-being.

Emotional Articulation

Encourages children to express complex emotions in a safe and structured environment.

Behavioural Adjustment

Helps modify challenging behaviours through positive reinforcement and role-play.

Stress Reduction

Provides a release from anxiety and stress, fostering a sense of peace.

Enhanced Communication

Builds verbal and non-verbal communication skills crucial for emotional development.

Social Development

Promotes better interaction skills with peers, enhancing social integration.

Cognitive Enhancement

Stimulates cognitive development through problem-solving and creative thinking activities.

Trauma Resolution

Aids in the healing process from past trauma, offering a pathway to emotional recovery.

Self-Esteem Boost

Strengthens self-awareness and confidence, empowering children to feel secure in their identity.

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